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MotoLOGIC Repair & Diagnostics

With advanced search capabilities and instant access to OE service data, the award-winning MotoLOGIC® simplifies repair and diagnostic lookup. Search using any symptom and get accurate OE information in its original, unedited format—instantly.

With MotoLOGIC, you can focus on finishing the job at hand, without spending extra hours on time-consuming research.

MotoLOGIC Video - Staying Competitive Using Repair and Diagnostics
Staying Competitive Using Repair and Diagnostics

Matt Sampson, senior program manager of eCommerce for MotoLOGIC, discusses the diagnostic and repair information shops want and need to stay competitive.

Features include:

  • High-quality OE content

    Delivered in original, unedited formats.

  • Quick Specs

    For fast access to the most commonly used auto repair specs.

  • OE color-coded electrical wiring diagrams

    With convenient circuit highlighting available.

  • Ultra-fast search function

    To quickly find the information you need.