Virtual Vehicle brings transparency to the repair process and improves the customer experience.

Sometimes words aren't enough to explain complex automotive systems. This can have an impact on the customer's experience and your bottom line—if customers don't understand a vehicle repair, they might not realize why it's needed.
Virtual Vehicle brings clarity to the repair process with over 300 detailed animations of the most common automotive systems and repairs. Show or send them to your customers to help them understand your expertise and recommendations.
Features of Virtual Vehicle:
  • Over 300 interactive vehicle animations
  • Video links that can be sent to customers through text or email
  • Multiple language options, including English, Spanish, and French
  • Animation views, texts, and emails that can be easily tracked
  • Easily generated usage reports

Hear from Virtual Vehicle customers:
"Customers know what we're talking about. It's clarified problems for us. People don't typically buy what they don't understand."
Stan Creech, Creech Imports
"I've been doing this for almost 23 years, and I thought I was pretty good at explaining it, but the visual aids just sealed everything up. It was eye-opening to see a product visually work that fast and that well."
Scott Ruggles, Butler's Muffler & Brake
"From an administrative side, service from the team at Virtual Vehicle rivals any five-star hotel. Virtual Vehicle is a standard in all current Christian Brothers Automotive locations and will continue to be in all of our future locations."
David Eschbach, Christian Brothers Automotive

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