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MotoSKILL Shop Tech Training

It's simple—a well-trained staff will lead to more satisfied customers. From automotive basics to advanced diagnostic training, MotoSKILL® is here to help your staff stay on top of current repair technology.

Flexible courses and options

From rookie techs to master mechanics, MotoSKILL online tech training offers a wide selection of courses designed for all levels of experience and ability. Content includes video, animations, diagrams, easy-to-read materials, quizzes, downloadable training guides and more. These are courses that are easy to navigate and learn from, so your staff can keep its skills on track.

Choose from single courses, bundled packages or full-access passes.

Full ASE test prep

Our ASE test preparation includes over 40 hours of coursework—to help your techs pass the ASE Certification test. Best of all, you get guaranteed results.*

MotoSKILL Tech Training Infographic
Why Technician Training is Necessary for Automotive Shops

Technician training is more than a nice-to-have, it's a necessity in today's competitive market. In this infographic, you'll learn about the challenges a shop faces if its techs aren't up-to-speed with current automotive technology.

Training Options:

Features and benefits include:

  • Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee

    Your techs pass the ASE Certification Test—or don't pay.*

  • Over 175 hours of online courses available

    Learn and study whenever it's convenient.

  • Video-based training by industry experts

    Auto repair experts are available 24/7, courtesy of our educational videos.

  • Go at your own pace

    Learn what you need, when you need it—and reference our training videos for diagnostic procedures.

CARQUEST Technical Institute Training (CTI)

Now available for MOTOSHOP customers!
Looking for in-classroom, instructor-led training for your shop? CTI has everything you need to stay ahead of a fast-changing marketplace, including technical, sales and management training programs.

All Access Pass

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: First 60 days for $49/month. No setup fee!

Get more than 95 online courses, including 13 ASE Test Prep courses and the NEW Technical Skills Assessment which is based on the ASE A-Series certification with eight total assessments.

Spanish Bundle

Get all the benefits of MotoSKILL—now available in Spanish to ensure all techs have the information and training needed to complete the job successfully.

ASE Test Prep Bundle

Get certified with test-prep training, including comprehensive study guides, interactive practice quizzes, and helpful test tips.

Basic Essentials Training Bundle

The perfect supplement to your staff's automotive repair education. Includes battery testing, charging, ignition, electrical circuits and more.

Management Training Bundle

Learn management skills, communication techniques, and preparation for ASE C1 customer service certification.

Hybrid Training Bundle

There are over 1.8 million hybrid electric vehicles on the road in the U.S. alone. Learn how to diagnose and repair hybrid vehicles safely and accurately.

Diesel Training Bundle

Includes Powerstroke, Duramax and Cummins, plus key training for diagnosing the toughest hard-start and no-start issues.

Advanced Diagnostic Training Bundle

Learn how to solve engine performance and misfire issues in minutes, plus evap, fuel trim, intermittent and more.

Power Play

Power Play bundle includes 30 hours of training in electrical, hybrids, diagnostics, HVAC, and management.

*Money back guarantee is available for online ASE test prep classes only. Participants must successfully complete the online course and earn a certificate of completion to qualify for refund. If a refund is requested, participant must provide their failing exam score received by ASE within 1 month of completing the online course.