Tools to Connect Customers

Having an online presence is crucial to your shop’s ability to grow and to be found by potential new customers.

MotoREV makes it easy to establish and maintain.

Forge a

Forge lasting relationships
with customers

Engaging with customers long-term requires a different set of tools.
MotoREV can help you connect with
your customers on a regular basis.

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Give customers a meaningful place to go

With MotoREV, you can offer your customers a free Online Garage
to track their service records and keep in touch with your shop.

The Online Garage offers several ways to connect with customers:

  • One-Stop convenience

    After receiving a personalized welcome email from your shop, customers click back to your website where they’ll have a personal Online Garage that is custom-tailored to their ownership needs. Customers can then link to their Online Garage from all email communications.

  • Value-added features

    Powered by your shop, the Online Garage provides your
    customers with useful information, features and tools to help
    them make ownership easier.

  • Service History

    When a customer gets serviced at one of your locations,
    their Online Garage is updated to reflect the service and cost
    within 48-72 hours.

  • Service reminders

    In conjunction with the Online Garage, customers will receive personalized and automated service reminders from your shop to prompt them to return for maintenance and other services.

  • Coupons

    Your customers will receive coupons tailored specifically to
    their needs, based on their service history, driving habits and more.

  • Articles
    and tips

    The Online Garage also features other valuable information
    for your customer: tips, videos, reviews, articles and car
    ownership tools.

Provide more options

With MotoREV, your customers can access their vehicle information at
any time. The benefits are two-fold: your customers appreciate the
ease and convenience, while your shop stays top of mind as a trusted
automotive resource.

A place to park

Customers can “park” on your website or Facebook page as they review their vehicle stats and plan for their next visit. MotoREV does not employ any third-party directories or websites—the increased traffic you get is all yours.

Appointment scheduling

Both new and current customers can easily request a service appointment on either your shop’s website or Facebook page. You can determine how far in advance those appointments can be made for future services

Here’s how MotoREV’s appointment scheduling works:

  • Step 1

    Customer visits your website or follows a link from an email service reminder they’ve received.

  • Step 2

    Customer fills out an appointment request. If you have multiple locations, they will be able to select the shop nearest them.

  • Step 3

    Once the appointment is submitted, the customer is greeted with a “Thank You” screen. They will then get the option to add the appointment to their calendar.

  • Step 4

    Customer receives an appointment reminder a few days in advance. This helpful feature minimizes forgotten appointments and “no-shows.” You can also customize when reminders get sent.

  • Step 5

    MotoREV makes it easy to track appointments. Using the built-in Business Control Center, you have 24/7 access to your scheduled appointments. If you have multiple locations, each will have its own calendar with the ability to add, edit, or change appointments—this is especially helpful when walk-ins arrive, or customers are late.

No website? No problem.

MotoRev Professional Websites are an easy and efficient way to promote the services and solutions your shop offers.

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MotoREV Professional Websites

Facebook functionality

Just like on your website, customers can request appointments, read reviews, get coupons and more—all on your Facebook page.

Connect with customers in a meaningful way

With MotoREV’s Online Garage, Professional Websites and Facebook functionality, your shop will be automatically positioned as the service solution of choice for maintenance needs, repairs, referrals and more.

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