Tools to Retain Customers

Building loyalty with customers is key in maintaining and growing your shop’s business.

It all starts with having the right tools.

Use email to your advantage

A handshake, a friendly call and other personal touches tend to go a long way in building customer loyalty. Email can be used in similar ways.

MotoRev offers communication solutions
for shops of all sizes

Utilizing customer information stored in your SMS (Shop Management System), MotoREV enables you to send personalized and automated
service reminders, recall notices, newsletters and more—so your
shop will stay top of mind with customers.

Increased service frequencies

Customers who receive MotoREV email communications come back
to the shop 36 days faster on average than those who don’t.

Customizable solutions

With MotoREV, you can create marketing campaigns based on the types of customers you have.


Say you’re trying to reach customers that are more than 30 days past their service date. A personalized, automated email can include a coupon to encourage a visit to your shop.

The same can be done for other types of customer segments you have.

Regain lost revenue

Leveraging your SMS, MotoREV can identify and help you communicate with customers that haven’t visited in more than six months, or even over a year.

Lost or prospect Customers

Recover lost and
inactive customers

Once you’ve identified customers that haven’t visited in a while, MotoREV makes reconnecting easy with email communications and coupons specially tailored towards these customers.

Lost revenue returns

Shops using MotoREV have seen
an average increase of 12.56
transactions per month from lost
and inactive customer categories.

Using coupon offers to
drive more business

Managing coupons is simple with the online tools found in the MotoREV Business Control Center.

Smart coupons for
customers of all types

Your shop’s coupons will be automatically configured to match customer history, providing different offers or
values based upon loyalty and past purchase behavior. This includes lost and inactive customers.

Cutting costs – boosting efficiency

Sending personalized emails is extremely economical, with an average cost of just $0.13 to reach a customer all year long.

It’s an exceptional value, especially when compared to the cost of planning, printing and sending out direct mailers.

Tracking Results

Unlike traditional mailers, email can be tracked—right down to if or when the recipient opens it. This provides for more efficient marketing communications with customers and can be tracked in the Business Control Center.

Keep customers coming back

On average, automotive shops reach customers 18 times
per year with MotoREV—helping to grow customer
relationships without becoming a burden.

Retain Business — regain lost opportunities

With MotoREV’s Online Garage, Professional Websites and Facebook functionality, your shop will be automatically positioned as the service solution of choice for maintenance needs, repairs, referrals and more.

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