Tools to Attract Customers

Now more than ever, finding an auto mechanic
is as easy as browsing online.

Is your repair shop positioned to attract these potential new customers?

Positive online reviews will go a long way to showcase the services your shop offers

86% of consumers read online reviews before making purchase decisions*

MotoREV can help you build a library of positive reviews

It’s easy, efficient and will strengthen your shop’s reputation for excellent service.

It starts with a personal note to your customers

Soliciting and maintaining positive reviews is easy with MotoREV. All customers with an email address in your SMS will receive a review request email after visiting your shop.

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Manage your reputation online

MotoREV’s exclusive reputation management feature can help ensure that your shop reviews stay positive. With MotoREV, you have the opportunity to address a negative review privately, before it goes public.

Here’s how MotoREV’s reputation management works:

  • Step 1

    Using your shop management system, MotoRev sends surveys to your customers after their services, which prompts them to review their experience.

  • Step 2

    These reviews then get posted on your site and are shared on various referral sites, often getting picked up in search results. Your customers also have the option to post on Google and Yelp.

  • Step 3

    If you get a negative review, you will receive an alert sent right to your inbox.

  • Step 4

    The negative review is then put on hold for a week, allowing you the opportunity to contact the customer and fix the problem before it posts.

    Work it out.

  • Step 5

    The customer then recieves a follow-up email asking if they want to change the review before it gets published online.

Not only will this enable you to fix a negative situation for one customer; it can also help to improve overall customer service.

Benefits to your business:

  • Higher
    review scores
  • Increased
    customer confidence
  • Further
    new business

Over 90% of reviews are positive

Shops using the MotoREV Shop Marketing Program average over 90% in positive reviews. The average star rating across these shops is 4.6 out of 5.

We love the MotoREV program because of the important feedback it provides. We have the ability to serve our clients’ needs better, based on the reviews we receive.

This in turn, drives more business, thanks to MotoREV.

J.T. Trujillo, Owner, Super Express Lube

Get detailed reporting and unlimited
access to all reviews

All customer reviews and customer contacts are
accessible within MotoREV’s Business Control Center.

MotoREV’s Business Control Center

All reviews are stored and managed from the MotoREV Business Control Center allowing you to reference them for training purposes, monitor for follow-up communications and ensure that your online reputation stays positive.

Keep the conversation going –
with ease and efficiency

Customer reviews are great for keeping your shop’s name
in the public eye. MotoREV makes the process easy.

Keep it automated –
make it personal

With automated review requests, building up your shop onine reputation is easy and hassle-free.

And ultimately, the process will boost the likelihood of repeat visits and increased service frequencies. Best of all, you can customize to fit your shop’s brand.

Attracting Prospective Customers

Building and maintaining positive online reviews is crucial
in attracting new customers and driving more business.
MotoREV puts the power in your hands.

Request more information about MotoREV.

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